Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Workout 2/27/13

Core! Use your core in nearly every exercise. When I work with fighters developing their core (more than just their abs) it helps them to take punches and gives more power on their punch. Runners, both distance and short length, become more efficient and shave times. Explosive movements and change of direction (which are all measures of athleticism) are also strongly tied to core. 

 Don’t believe me? Work your abs heavy and then run or lift; go play a game of basketball. You’ll notice movements you utilize your core that you had no idea. Long story short, you’ll notice most the exercises and workouts I suggest are total body and core centric.

Here’s what I have today:

Warm-up: 10 minutes of jogging or other cardio exercise. Some other good alternatives would include jumping rope and a row machine.

After your warm-up feel free to get a few minutes of dynamic stretching in before beginning the following circuit. Do the circuit as many times as you can for 25 minutes:

A.      (5) Prisoner Push-ups: Do a pushup, then when you return to the top, hold your plank and bring your right knee to your chest. Then switch and bring your left leg to your chest. So its push up knee to chest, knee to chest, push-up, knee, knee, pushup, etc.  Another way to think of this is a combination of a pushup and mountain climber into 1!
B.      (10) Jump Squats: Squat down and explode up as high as you can.
C.      (15) Russian Twists: Sit on your back and balance with legs off the ground. Clasp hands together and touch ground to your side then over to the other side.
D.      (5) Step Over Push-ups: Do a pushup, step over in a plank, Pushup, stepover, etc.
E.       (20) Mountain Climbers: In a plank bring one knee towards your chest and then alternate feet.
F.       (10) Dips: Find a bench or elevated surface and lower to the group keeping your legs straight out in front of you.

After your 25 mins, stretch for 3-7 minutes incorporating both static and dynamic stretching techniques.

Some of the new exercises not covered before:

Russian Twist

Step Over Pushup

Mountain Climber

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